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Diamond Reaming Shell is connected with a Bit to be used, and the drilling by Bit and grinding of side surface can be done simultaneously, but the drilled hole should be kept not smaller than the diameter of the Bit (Reaming).
It should be used to prevent early wear and tear of the outer diameter of the Bit, and also to prevent vibration and deformation of the hole walls.
As shown in the figures, it has a cylindrical shape, with diamond particles attached at outside diameter and touchable screws at both ends.
Reaming shell is produced with the outside diameter larger than that of the Bit.
There are 2 types of Taesung’s Reaming Shell, one is for general rocks and the other is screw type for strong rocks.
Taesung's Reaming Shell has an excellent life span and reaming ability as high quality shank and natural diamond are used in producing it.